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Sorry, right now I’m transforming our homepage to an english version. This is quite time consuming. You’ll find a couple of corners that are not translated yet, but I try my best to get it done soon. Whenever you got questions feel free to contact me any time. My english is not perfect but I’m pretty sure we’ll get your requests managed.

Mail: info@seidel-props.de

Fon: 0049 / 881 / 92 45 527

Our small company is located in the south of germany, bavaria, right between Munich and Garmisch. We are spezialised for manufacturing wooden propellers for very big model planes as well as experimentals.

We serve 2 to 5-blade airscrews with diameters from 35 to 80 inch. For model pilots we build all kind of props right like the original planes had.

You can’t buy stock ware here. Each of our airscrews are individual made and manufactured unique. Especially prototypes and scale propellers are our strenght. Sorry, english is not our strenght 😉

We set all our knowledge into the power design.

The engineering calculation, design and manufacturing is completed by handcrafted finishing after CNC-milling the propellers. We exclusively produce here in bavaria, that’s our understanding of quality and responsibility.

Sorry, we don’t have any “online shop”. Here you get individual advice! The most simple is by telefon or E-mail.

Furthermore we do mechanical engineering: Conzepting and developing of all kinds of special mechanical machinery is the biggest part of our daily job. Feel free to take a look at: Seidel Engineering

Of corse we developed a bunch of useful stuff all around the propellers which we don’t want to deny you.

Please get in touch with us. We are not reachable every second, but we have neither closing time nor weekend. So just call us whenever you like! We are looking forward to your call!

Seidel Props & Engineering GmbH
Sankt – Jakob – Straße 5
82398 Polling / Germany

Fon: 0049 / 881 / 924 552-7